Misc. Yo Momma Jokes

Yo momma armpits so hairy looks like she got Buckwheat in a headlock!

Yo momma house so small her washcloth makes wall-to-wall carpeting.

Yo momma house so small the doormat just says "WEL"

Yo momma like Betty Crocker icing: Always ready to spread.

Yo momma like Chinese food: Sweet sour and cheap!

Yo momma like Crazy Eddie: She's practically giving it all away.

Yo momma like a 7-11. On every corner and always open.

Yo momma like a 7-UP: Never had it never will.

Yo momma like a Christmas tree: Everybody hangs balls on her.

Yo momma like a Denny's: Open 24 hours.

Yo momma like a Toyota: "Oh what a feelin'!"

Yo momma like a birthday cake: Everybody gets a piece.

Yo momma like a bowling ball: You can fit three fingers in.

Yo momma like a bubble gum machine: 25 cents a blow.

Yo momma like a bus: Fifty cents and she's ready to ride!

Yo momma like a bus: Guys climb on and off her all day long.

Yo momma like a catsup bottle: Everyone gets a squeeze out of her!

Yo momma like a door knob: Everyone gets a turn.

Yo momma like a goalie: Changes pads after three periods.

Yo momma like a golf course: Everyone gets a hole in one!

Yo momma like a race car: She's always burning rubber.

Yo momma like a railroad track: Gets laid all over the country.

Yo momma like a refrigerator: Everyone puts their meat in!

Yo momma like a revolving door: Everyone gets a turn.

Yo momma like a screen door: After a couple bangs she loosens up!

Yo momma like a shotgun: Give her a cock and she blows.

Yo momma like a smokehouse: Always full of meat.

Yo momma like a stamp: You lick her stick her then send her away.

Yo momma like a stop sign: She's on every corner.

Yo momma like a vacuum cleaner: A real good suck.

Yo momma like a video game: Four men for a dollar!

Yo momma like an Orange Crush: "Good Vibrations!"

Yo momma like an ice cream cone: Everyone gets a lick.

Yo momma like mustard: She spreads easy.

Yo momma like potato chips: Fri-to Lay.

Yo momma like the Pillsbury doughboy: Everyone gets a poke!

Yo momma like the Stay Puffed Marshmallow Man: Everybody gets a piece.

Yo momma pubic hair is so nappy the crabs ride dune buggies.

Yo momma pussy so dry the crabs carry canteens.

Yo momma so generous that she would give all her money to a bum.

Yo momma so nasty when your daddy ate her pussy he got food poisoning.

Yo momma so poor she was kickin a can, and said she was "moving!"

Yo momma so pretty that I would love to fuck her in the ass without lube.

Yo momma so short she trips on spit.

Yo momma so small she gotta hang glide on a Dorito.

Yo momma so stinky she can knock a buzzard off a' shit wagon!

Yo momma so stinky she make Right Guard turn left!

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