Yo Mama...

has 10 fingers -- all on the same hand.
has green hair and thinks she's a Tree.
has a peanut butter wig with jelly sideburns.
has wooden boobs and breast feeds beavers
has one short leg and that why she always walking in circles...
has a major weight problem - she can't wait...to eat.
got a house that's so dusty, the Cockroaches drive around in Dune Buggies
got a glass eye with a fish in it.
got so much hair on her upper lip she has to braid it
got so much dandruff that a Midgie landed on her head and said: "Christ, I aint' seen this much snow in years."
got so much hair on her chest that her Breasts remind me of Coconuts...
is a carpenter's dream - flat as a board and so easy to nail...

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