Yo Momma so Smelly

the government make her wear a Biohazard warning
she made Right Guard call for backup.
even the dogs won't smell her.
an old blind geezer walking by asked her 'yo, how much for the shrimp platter?"
that when she spread her legs, I got seasick...
she wiz playin in my Sand Box and the cat came along and buried her.
her poo is glad to escape.
that standing next to a skunk, the Skunko smells sweet!
that the only dis I'm gonna give her is Disinfectent...
that when you was being born, the doctor's and nurses all had to wear oxygen masks...
even sewer rats get outta her way...
that farmers use her bathwater as liquid fertilizer...

Yo Momma so Dirty
she has to creep up on the bath water.
that standin next to a tramp, she make the tramp look like a butler.
that her house is so dirty I gotta wipe my feet before I go back outside.
she lost 2 stone after taking a shower
that even the Swamp Thing insisted she showered.
that Saddam Hussain tried to import her bath water to use as chemical weapons.

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