The Russell Daily News, Monday, Feb. 24, 1992

Wichta (UPI) -- It was a Valentines Day to remember for a Wichita man who
spent more than 12 hours with a 7 1/2 pound barbell weight stuck on his erect

Fire department officials Friday were reluctant to talk about the
incident for fear of embarrassing the man, and refused to released his name.

A fire department report said the man showed up at St. Francis Regional
Medical Center about 5 p.m. Feb. 14 "distressed and desperate."

The man told hospital workers he had decided early that morning to see
if he would fit into the center hole of a barbell weight. He did, initially,
but when he became erect, the man could not remove his penis.

A doctor worked with the man for more than a hour, eventually calling
for a fire department rescue squad and a medical officer. They arrived, and
according to the incident reports, decided to try using bolt cutters to
remove the weight. They succeeded in cutting a large chunk of the cast-iron
weight away, but could not get through a center retaining ring to free the

The firefighters had decided to get a heavier cutting tool to finish
the job, but the physician intervened.

Instead, a urologist made an incision, allowing the man's penis to drain
and go limp, and removed the weight.

The man was released from the hospital a short time later, and has not
been heard from since.