Signs You've Been Waiting in Line Too Long for "Star Wars" Tickets

That chick dressed as Princess Leia in front of you now qualifies as your "longest relationship with a woman."

Can't resist to urge to "unsheathe your lightsaber," if you know what I mean.

Bossman Vader told you to take your Jedi powers to the planet of unemployment.

We're bombing who? What the hell is a Kosovo?

A fellow fan compliments you on your Chewbacca costume, but you aren't wearing one.

When a reporter asks you why you're obsessing about a movie when there's a war in Europe, you express full confidence in President Reagan's ability to handle the to situation.

Your Boba Fett lunchbox is worth $.45 more than it was when you got to the theater.

The guy next to you is in line for "Episode II."

Obi-Wan's ghost shows up to spritz you with Lysol.

The dude in the Wookie suit is starting to look pretty good to you.

Even your most loyal supporters are starting to question your order to "Just keep bombing Serbia until I get back."