Lines You Always Wanted to Hear In a Star Wars Film

Luke: Hey, what happened to Biggs? I could have sworn he was here a minute ago...

Random Imperial Trooper: Emperor Palpatine? Here's that wrinkle cream you asked for, sir...

R2D2 : Anything coherent

Han : Okay, I admit it. It's all my fault.

Luke: You're kinda cute...can I buy you a drink?

Luke: (trying to impress girl) Wanna see some neat Jedi tricks?

Jabba : Anything that doesn't start with Hooo, Hoooo, Hooo

Yoda or Mon Mothma : I've fallen, and I can't get up!

Anonymous Death Star Officer: Wow, that Vader is touchy today.

C3PO : No comment

Chewbacca: Why don't I ever get the girl?

Han : I traded the Falcon in for this new family model...

Obi-Wan Kenobi: Luke, will you please stop whining?

Darth Vader: This is CNN.

Ewok Female: You know, that Chewbacca may be tall, but he's awfully cute.

Luke: Jeez, only one woman around, and she has to be my sister.

Jabba : Pass me that can of SlimFast, will you?

Imerial Officer: Why don't any of the rebels have this British accent?

Leia: I want my hairstylist executed - immediately.

Yoda: I have seen the future, and we're never going to make it to Episode 7.

Lando : Okay, I admit it. It's all my fault.

Han : Chewie, you need shampoo AGAIN?!

Han : OUCH! Chewie, have you been using my razor again?

Luke : Jedi, Shmedi. Let's go hit a bar, Han.

Luke : Anybody got a cigarette?

Boba Fett : You know, I'm actually a really nice guy when you get to know me...

Palpatine : Budget crisis? Whaddaya mean BUDGET CRISIS???

Jabba : And pack the extra Sand Skiff with Rolaids

Bib Fortuna : Does anyone here know how to do a French Braid?

Han : Hey Lando - how much DO you spend on dry cleaning, anyway?

Lando : Han, you seem troubled...have you called my psychic hotline yet?

Leia : No, I didn't say TRIM, I said cut it ALL OFF!

C3PO : Actually, I have nothing to say.