I'll Drink To That

A guy walks into a bar with his girlfriend. A very drunk man in the bar looks at the girl and says loudly, "If you were my woman, I would lick you from top to bottom like a lollipop." The boyfriend is angered and starts to get up to kick the drunken guy's ass. The girlfriend stops him, telling him she does not want a scene. The drunken man then walks over to her and tries to give her a big sloppy kiss. The boyfriend pulls him off and is about to beat him to a pulp, but the girlfriend pulls him away. "If that guy even looks at you again, I'm going to kill him!" the boyfriend declared. After a couple of minutes, the drunk came over to the couple again and said "If you were my woman, I'd turn you upside-down, fill your pussy with beer and drink you dry with one swallow." The boyfriend just took the girl's arm and started to walk her quietly out of the bar. She asked him why he was not trying to pound the drunk into the ground for dishonoring her. He replied, "If he can drink that much beer, he's a better than than I am."