Johnny Harder

It was almost time for the bell to ring. Johnny's teacher had asked him to stay after class because she was going to have a conference with his parents about his sexual behavior in class. She had promised him that she would give him whatever he wanted.

Once the bell had ranged and both Johnny and his teacher were alone he said "Take off your clothes." Reluctantly his teacher replied " No."

" But you said you'd give me whatever I wanted."
" Alright then.", so Johnny's teacher shed her clothes.
" Get on the desk", replied Johnny
" No, now that's enought Johnny!"
" But...but you said you would give me whatever I wanted."
" Fine, just this one last time okay?"
" Okay."

So Johnny got on top of his teacher and got busy. Just then his parents walked in. Both his parents exclaimed at the same time " JOHNNY HARDER!" So he went harder.

Then his little sister walked in and yelled "JOHNNY HARDER!" So again he went harder.

Last but not least his grandfather walked in and screamed " JOHNNY HARDER!"

Tired Johnny yelled back at his family, " I"M GOING AS HARD AS I CAN!!!"