The Widow

An old woman's husband dies and she inherits millions of dollars. She decides after a while that the money just isn't enough and she needs someone to fill the void. She decides the easiest way to go about finding someone would be to use the personal adds in the paper. Her ad reads: RICH WIDOW SEEKING MAN, HAS TO MEET THESE THREE QUALITIES: WON'T BEAT HER UP, WON'T RUN AWAY, AND IS GREAT IN BED. CALL-555-2121 OR COME BY- 212 OAK STREET. Over the few days after the ad ran she had tons of men call but none of them seemed right. Then when she was about to give up, the doorbell rang. The widow opened the door but didn't see anyone. When she was about to shut the door, she heard someone yell "hey!." There on the welcome mat sat a man with no arms and no legs. "May I help you," asked the widow. "I'm here about the ad in the paper," the man replied. "What?" asked the surprised widow. The man proceeded to answer, "I don't have any arms so I can't beat you up, and I don't have any legs so I can't run away." "Well what makes you think you're so great in bed?" she asked. The man simply said, "I rang the doorbell didn't I."