How much for the cow?

Once there was a man who was in love with a beautiful woman and he wanted to marry her. The woman told him that befor they could get married he would have to ask her father, who was a farmer. So the next day the man went to the farmer and said, "Sir I love your daughter very much and I would like to ask for her hand in marriage." The farmer sat there and looked at him for a moment and said, "I will let you marry her, but first you must compleat a test." Willing to do anything to be able to marry the girl the man aggred. The farmer said, "first you must jump the fence, swim the river and screw the cow in the barn." The man thought that it sounded easy enough so he did it. When he got finished he asked the farmer, "Ok now can I marry your daughter?" The farmer couldn't belive that the man had acutally done those things and thinking it was funny he told the man to do it again! So the man jumped the fence, swam the river, and screwed the cow, again! When he was finished the man went back to the farmer and asked "Now may I marry your daughter?" By this time the farmer was amazed that the man did all that a second time, and wondered if he would do it a third, so the farmer said, "Ok if you do all that one more time I will let you marry my daughter." So the man did it again. He jumped the fence, swam, the river, and scrwed the cow. When he came back to the farmer this time, the farmer said, "Ok now you can marry my daughter." The man said, "To hell with you daughter how much do you want for the cow?"