Get A Little Head

There was ounce this man who used to go this bar at the end of the street everynight. One day this guy went he saw this enourmus man with all these musceles but with this puny head. After stairing at the guy for over 5 hours he decided to go ask how this happened. He went over and began to ask. Hi man I don't mean any harm but how did you get all those musceles but that small head.The man began his confession.Ounce long ago I was in the marines on this top secret mission but the submarine had gotten sunk. Luckily I washed up on this beach. As I was walking along the beach I saw a mermaid. I spoke to her and she said Oh my! Somone has finally found me I will grant you 3 wishes. First the man said I want to be super strong and have all sorts of musceles POOF! Wow that was cool Second I want to be the smartest man in the world POOF WOW! I know everything. Third he was like well man I have'nt had sex in years I want you to have hot naked sex with me. The mermaid replied! I cant do that. So he said "HOW ABOUT A LITTLE HEAD" POOF