Snap!!! Snap!!!

I bloke walked into a bar with a crocodile on a lead. He walked up to the bar man and said:

"I'll have a beer please... and a black manfor the croc"
"Very well" said the Barman. He pulled the man his pint and went and got a dead black man from out the back. He threw it across the bar and the crocodile ate it.

The bloke went back up to the bar and the barman said:

"Same again?"

"Aye" said the man with the crocodile... and I'll have another nigger for the croc. Sure enough the bloke had his pint and the croc had his black man.

The bloke went back up to the bar. The barman said
"Same again Sir?"

"Aye" said the bloke..."and I'll have another black man for the crock."

"I'm sorry Sir, but we don't have any dead black man left," said the barman,"how about a pygmy?"

"No" said the bloke, "he doesn't drink shorts."