Anything Yo's....

Yo Mamma's feet so skanky that when your family wants jam pieces, she gets yo brother to run a loaf of bread between her toes.
Yo' Grannies neck so damn wrinkled, I use it as a cheese grater.
I got notin bad to say about Yo Momma - heck, her face says it all...
Your pet Cat so freakin nasty it bit ma dog and gave it rabies.
Yo Auntie so stinkin that a skunk smelled her butt and passed out.
Yo mama's so poor, TV dinner trays are her good china.
Damn it, just realised that last yo is as old as the crust in yo Sister's knickers...
You liked that mama joke didn't ya? Good?...well, nowhere near as good as Yo Mama was last night :)
But, hey, if I wanted a comeback, christ, I'd just wipe it off Yo Mamma's chin...
Yo Mama like a television - even a 2 year old can turn her on!
You brother so hairy Big foot is taking his picture..
Yo Mother in law so stinky she use Right Guard and Left Guard.
Your Grandpa's so hairy, Jane Goodall follows him around.
Yo Star wars geeky friend so damn hairy, she's a stunt double for Chewbacca and her baby daughter played the leader of the Ewoks (no makeup needed).
Yo English teacher so damn stupid, she failed a survey...
Yo Sista like a mailbox, open all day and all night...
Yo mama's so clumsy, she got tangled up in a Mobile phone.
Yo mama's like an elevator - blokes go up and down on her all day. Yo Mother in law so dmamnd Dislexus when I told her to go get some Head and Shoulders...she jump on top of me Shoulders and gave me head!!!
Your IM buddies so damn stanky, I can smell them over the interweb
Only job yo ever gonna get is as a blind bird-watcher.
Yo idiotic Doctor so damn greasy that he uses Bacon as a bandaid
Yo Dog so short it's best friend is an Ant.
Yo Auntie so flat chested she jealous of the wall.
Yo girlfriend so cheap I threw her a penny for sex and she gave me change...
The first line in the Bible was mistranslated - it actually reads - 'In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth and yo' fat ugly Mama'
Yo Grandpa's house so damned cold, the Roaches ice skate around the kitchen.
Yo Momma house so small that I put my Key in the doorlock and broke the freakin back window!
I heard yo mama got fired from her job at the sperm bank - the boss caught her drinking on the job...
Yo baby sista's nose so long, it make Steffi Graf jealous...
Yo Mam so damn ugly, look like the ho was hit by the whole freakin Ugly Tree!!!
Yo Mama so old - heck, the first line of the Koran was mistranslated - it should read 'All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds and Father of Yo' Mama'...
I heard that yo Granny was so disgustingly ugly that on a holiday to Egypt she looked up a Camel's ass and scared the hump off of it!
Yo Driving Instructor so damn old he got hieroglyphics on his Driver license.
Yo Cousin so old she drives a chariot to High school
I took yo Mama to the Doctor's - I tell him that she feeling poorly and that she only got 1 toe and 1 knee. Doc tells me she's contracted 'Tony'...
Yo Boss so damn ugly that when he leaned out the window the Police arrested him for attempted murder
That Grandpa of your's so stupid and poor that when I came over for Dinner he read me recipes...
Yo wee brother so damn hairy that he went for a short back and sides and lost 30 pounds...
Yo mama's chest hair so damn long, it growing all the way down to her willy.
Yo mama's so nice, she offered me the hair off her back.
Yo Mother in law so nasty, she got more clap than an auditorium.
I's apologise for talkin bout Yo Mama...I should know better...hell, I don't even know the Man...
No seriously, under all that hair yo Mama is really a Saint....a saint Bernard!
But really, yo Mamma is just like a golf course - everybody gets a hole in one!
Yo Nana still so fat she wears a Microwave as a beeper.
And yo Mother-in-law so huge she stole my pillow cases when she ran outta socks.
Yo mama should be locked away, cos every time she moons people they turn into werewolves
She nasty too ya know - yo daddy just got out of hospital after eating her out - he caught food poisining...
Yo'momma so ugly she actually is very good at her job: Being a scarecrow.

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